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Our experienced team of Licensed Paralegals can help you through the entire process of claiming accident benefits right up to proceeding to an Appeal with the License and Appeals Tribunal.

We believe that after suffering from injuries in a motor vehicle accident, your recovery starts right away. It is about the injured individuals' ability to reclaim their life after the accident and seek the medical and rehabilitation necessary to return the client to his pre-accident level of function and the rest of society.

Accidents will have a negative impact on most or all of your pre accident lifestyle activities. At LSB Legal Services, we take your matters seriously. We have a team of experienced and effective Licensed Paralegals who dedicate their attention to deliver the best legal representation to our clients. Our proven results and professional credibility already established in the industry helps us support the process of rebuilding your life and obtaining the best settlement putting you back in the position you would have been in, had the accident not occurred

Our team of Licensed Paralegals will educate and guide you through the claims process as well as assist you in your rehabilitation. We will access all available statutory accident benefits, including medical and rehabilitation, non-earner benefits, and income replacement benefits, and settle your claim as expeditiously as possible..


  • Adrianna Lofranco

    Licensed Paralegal

  • Jeannie Lofranco

    Licensed Paralegal

  • Loreto Scarola

    Licensed Paralegal

  • Francesco Blasi

    Licensed Paralegal

  • Ardi Deti

    Licensed Paralegal

  • Jeton Memeti

    Licensed Paralegal

  • Annamarie Demaj

    Licensed Paralegal

Practice Areas

Motor Vehicle Accident Benefits

If you've been involved in a motor vehicle accident (which includes an automobile, snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, or dirt bike) you're entitled to 'No-Fault Accident Benefits'. This means that whether you were the driver, a passenger, or a pedestrian - you're entitled. (more...)

CPP Disability Benefits

Canada Pension Plan (disability) hearings can be stressful. The team at LSB Legal Services is here to alleviate that stress. We understand the rules and regulations surrounding CPP and if you need your CPP disability benefits, we are the ones to call first. (more...)

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